Collaborative Library Project



 Rampant with the harsh realities of life everybody needs an escape, to sink in the world of our imagination, a place where super heroes exist  and our troubles are eradicated with grandeur endings. Understanding this importance of books and libraries, Charter for Compassion  Pakistan initiated its project, Compassionate Libraries, to promote equality education within the community.


The movement started with revitalizing the concept of libraries, bringing the idea to areas that are less privileged and mostly neglected in Karachi. The Charter aims at creating a network of schools, where privileged and underprivileged schools work together, in order to connect both ends of the bridge, inculcating the significance of equality in our education system. Currently, Compassionate Libraries has 15 underprivileged schools, in areas such as Korangi, Shireen Jinnah, and Lyari, on board. Each of these schools have been linked with a privileged school, where the students collaborate together to conduct book drives. This project inaugurates the feeling of generosity in our future generation, allowing children to respect one another despite their differences.


Moreover, the team has been working towards creating an ambiance within these libraries where students can interact with their environment. In doing so, we have provided furniture, important for maintaining these libraries; adding shelves on the walls, computers to enhance the learning experience and tables and chairs, making it a more comfortable place to sit back, relax and read. The target is to really make these children feel thrilled to be in those libraries, therefore rather than boring them with whitewashed ceilings, Compassionate Libraries has gone further by painting the walls in bright colours, adding life to these rooms. After these 15 libraries have been established, book reading will also be conducted, as sessions will be held on a monthly basis in these libraries by professional from our network of organizations, stimulating the essence of reading.


The vision does not end here. By the year 2017 Compassionate Libraries project aims to build 100 libraries all over Karachi. No child should be stripped off the right to education; it is only in an educated mind where will find the zeal to bring change, to make a difference, to think, and to become.