Five Vision Campaign

About The Campaign

Launching in schools, universities and organizations – Individuals will get forms in which they can tell us their visions of a Compassionate Karachi.

Charter for Compassion Pakistan (CfC) calls upon the citizens of Karachi to ask them what they envision a compassionate city to be. We believe it is vital to get the citizens in Karachi involved for Compassionate Karachi to help our vision become a reality.

Our team will visit schools, universities, corporations, and organizations to conduct a survey tapping into the minds of the citizens. The survey will help us determine which aspects of Karachi need to be focused on to make it more compassionate.

The “Five Vision Campaign” will the basis of which we draft a charter for a compassionate Karachi. Out of the thousands of visions we will get the five most popular visions will be selected.

5 Vision Campaign - Compassionate Karachi
My Dream of a Compassionate Karachi

Dear Fellow Karachiites,


We have launched a campaign to make our city compassionate! Please help us in drafting a common vision for a compassionate Karachi where we all can live in peace and prosperity for generations to come. Join the movement and make this dream a reality.

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