Charter for Karachi

Creation of the Charter

Based on the Five Visions, the Charter for Compassionate Karachi is the foundation for all the stakeholders and their role in city’s uplift.

Charter for Compassion Pakistan (CfC) after the conclusion of the “Five Vision Campaign” has drafted a charter that has outlined a compassionate Karachi. The charter is called “Charter for a Compassionate Karachi”.

We have selected the five most popular visions given by the citizens for the charter. The focus of the charter has been informed to the stakeholders of Karachi be it government, civil society, or the public of the needs of Karachi.

Charter for Karachi - Compassionate Karachi
Declaration of the Charter

Charter for Compassionate Karachi is announced to the public of Karachi.

Charter for Compassion Pakistan (CfC) hosted an event for the declaration of the charter at Mazar e Quaid. We had invited all the citizens of Karachi to come join us as we announced the Charter for Compassionate Karachi. Different schools, universities, corporations, and organizations attended the declaration event.


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