Karachi Literature Festival

Compassionate Karachi at the Karachi Literature Festival



Compassionate Karachi at KLF 

We had an opportunity to host a session at the 2015 KLF. We dedicated the session to Compassionate Karachi, which is in support of the I AM Karachi campaign.

A panel discussion was held with honorable citizens who are at the top of their field to discuss the role of civil society in a Compassionate Karachi. It started off with Ms. Karen Armstrong, author and founder of Charter for Compassion International, on Skype discussing the importance of a compassionate city. Ms. Armstrong went on to explain how histories of people living in different parts of the world were intertwined. She also pointed out that what happens in the world-affected people living thousands of miles away. “That’s why compassionate cities are so important. What’s at stake here is peace throughout the world.”

She was followed by a discussion amongst our panelist; Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Dean of IBA, Mr. Jameel Yusuf, Chairman of TPL Holdings, Dr. Pervaz Hoodbhoy, Nuclear Physicist, and Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, Commissioner Karachi. Each of them discussed how the civil society within their fields can impact a compassionate city. The discussion was moderated by Mr. Amin Hashwani, President of CfC Pakistan.




Message from The President 

Nation-state structures that were prevalent at the time of the industrial revolution have now become irrelevant in our globalized world. Seeped in outdated rhetoric they are failing miserably to address the day to day problems of its citizens. With the demographic shift cities will once more regain their historical prominence and assume the role as centers for innovative ideas and social reforms.

Keeping this in mind we have launched our latest initiative “Compassionate Karachi.” It is a civil society movement that engages all stakeholders to advocate and participate in compassionate action in schools, workplaces, homes, businesses and government, to bring about meaningful changes in their lives. The goal of this movement is to restore the sense of citizenship and ownership among the masses and build them into change bearers for their respective communities. This will help in addressing problems like violence, corruption, illiteracy and poverty at the grass root level,while fostering the much-needed spirit of interdependence within the city.This book is an effort in that direction.

In our visions campaign launched in November 2014, hundreds and thousands of engaged citizens shared their inspiring visions of a more Compassionate Karachi. People from all walks of life participated and through their shared visions a Charter for Compassionate Karachi has been drafted,unifying the dreams and aspirations of its people.

We believe rather then trying to find new solutions to address our challenges we need to go back to our roots to revive our rich heritage of pluralism, courage, and compassion.

May God help us all in our combined struggle to reclaim our “Purana Pakistan!”


Amin Hashwani


Charter for Compassion Pakistan